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Tax Preparation & Planning

We provide tax preparation and tax planning for corporations and personal returns. Our experienced staff have years of experience, knowledge and acumen to assist our clients in many different situations. Our proactive approach allows our clients to be informed and prepared well in advance for their quarterly and year-end tax obligations.

Reviews & Compilations

Our partnership with each client, gives Peak the opportunity to provide financial reporting that is timely, accurate, and provides constructive solutions for maximizing the client’s company profitability and efficiency. We provide financial reporting these levels of assurance:

Reviews: Peak utilizes analytical procedures that are conducted with limited assurance to provide our clients with an analysis of their financial statements.

Compilations: This type of assurance provides a summary of the company’s key financial data.

Accounting Services

Peak provides monthly/recurring accounting. The accounting services provide full scope of month end procedures for our business owner clients.  Our process is very detailed which ensures that the financial statements that are provided to the client are timely, accurate, and complete.

Our monthly close process involves reconciliation all balance sheet accounts which includes assets, debt, payroll, and equity. The general ledger is reviewed in great detail to ensure the proper recording of all revenues and expenses.  In accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles we ensure that the expenses match the revenues. We utilize analytics to provide the client with any material month to month; year to year changes within their financials.

Once the monthly close process is completed, we issue the financial statements to the client and review them for understanding. Peak believes in providing legendary customer service where each client should feel comfortable to ask questions and be able to get understanding they need to grow and make decisions about their business.

OutsourceD CFO

With a vast amount of experience in corporate America, Peak is able to assist our business owner clients with their CFO needs.

Peak Performance Accounting partners with our business clients as their accounting/tax department.  We fully handle all accounting/tax needs (AP/AR; month end; reporting; analytics/analysis; tax prep; and much more) provide strategic advice on cash flow, tax implications, and so much more.  In this changing economy, the best way for successes is to be able to stay ahead with knowledge and planning.

Budgeting, Forecasting, Cash Flow

Peak is a strong believer of having a road map for all businesses. Budgeting/Forecasting are key factors that make that road clear.  We work hard to work with our clients to create these matrices so that we can keep our clients accountable and provide them visibility of where they want to be, where they are, and how they can get where they want to be. In addition, maintaining a healthy cash flow and understanding how expenses and revenues effect the cash flow of a business is key component for all business owners.  Peak utilizes the month end process to ensure that this vital component is represented and communicated to every client on monthly basis.

Government Accounting

We provide accounting services to our clients that are in the government arena.  We make sure that their financial statements are in line with government requirements.  We focus on the current financial resources of the business so that the government client is able to make decisions and be able to bid for any future contracts.

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