• The lifeblood of any business is cash flow.
  • Managing what comes in with what goes out is not as easy as it sounds, especially for start-ups or fast-growing businesses.
  • Most business owners do not take the time or have the expertise to really analyze their numbers and use them effectively to manage the business for optimal performance.

Peak Performance is your partner in success.

We all know that every business owner or CFO must make hundreds of decisions, big and small, to guide the strategic growth of an organization.

There are strategic decisions related to proper recording of accounting data, profitability, debt management, employee benefits and compensation, expansion paths, marketing, and, of course, tax planning and filing.

However, without strategic analysis and interpretation of timely and accurate financial information, making these timely decisions can be difficult. Significant opportunities and deadlines can be missed. And, an organization may operate inefficiently or even be in violation federal or state tax regulations.

It does not have to be that way!

The experienced accountants at Peak Performance Accounting & Consulting complement your business savvy and can become part of your management team.

We partner with you to provide and interpret the information you need. And, we provide consultative services that will not only enable you but empower you to make decisions that are deliberate, strategic, and rooted in your objectives.

With a vested interest in helping each client reach and exceed objectives for the business…and personally, Peak Performance is your partner in success.


“Your firm has provided outstanding services and accounting industry knowledge to Lily Trotters International, Inc. Founder and Principal Kate Shamis understands the needs, demands and regulatory requirements necessary for a business, most especially the entrepreneurial startup model. Lily Trotters appreciates the guidance and professionalism that Kate offers, as she has often anticipated and executed our accounting and bookkeeping needs.”

Anne Suydam Haskins

Lily Trotters International, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kate Shamis in having her manage my business accounting. Not only is Kate diligent, attentive to details, conscientious and excellent at what she does, but she is also wonderful to work with. While accounting is not my strong suit, it is Kate’s passion and purpose. Kate is excellent at explaining my best options, being proactive and she is always available to answer any questions, at any time. I so highly recommend Kate to take control of your accounting services and know you will be delighted and thrilled with her work.”

Julie Reisler, MA, ACC

Life Designer™